Season Sampler

Since The Aviators premiered on PBS in September of 2010 it’s been seen on TV tens of thousands of times by more than 50 million viewers in over 100 countries. Please enjoy our sampling of 10 COMPLETE EPISODES!

Episode 4.01: FLS Microjet, SR-71 Blackbird, Sean D. Tucker.


Episode 3.12: F-22 Raptor, Light Sport Aircraft (LSA), Learning to fly – Rock star edition featuring Vince Neil (part 1).


Episode 2.13: Cessna 195, Aviation camping, World’s busiest control tower.


Episode 3.04: Night time flying, Fairchild PT-19, USAF Thunderbirds.


Episode 2.05: Day in the life of an air show (part 1).


Episode 2.06: Day in the life of an air show (part 2).


Episode 4.09: Savannah, AH-1 Huey, Formation flying.


Episode 1.13: Cross-border flying, Boreal forest, Flying a Cessna around the world, Splash-in: Float plane fly-in.


Air Boss 1.05: Pensacola Part 1: A Tragic Season.


Episode 5.01: The best of The Aviators (including bloopers).


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