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The Aviators: Season 8 DVD

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The Aviators: Season EIGHT

The incredible eighth season of the award-winning worldwide aviation TV phenomenon returns as we look back to embrace history and all measure of achievement, and then look ahead to where technology and inspiration lead us.

Episode Guide

Milestones/RVing Pilots: They say “the process of learning to fly makes you better at… everything.” So while the obvious goal seems to be getting a license, there are actually many other little goals you can achieve and benefit from along the way. Then we introduce a new host: a popular RVer who explores the curious overlap of those who long to explore in the air as well as on the road.
Cessnas: 172 & 340: To most people, the name “Cessna” has become synonymous with “small airplane.” And it’s no wonder. The Cessna 172 is the most produced aircraft in history and has almost certainly been flown by nearly every pilot! But there’s definitely more to Cessna – as the much larger and more capable 340 proves.
Record-breaking Flyer: As a person, Matt Guthmiller is a fascinating mix genius, entrepreneur, and adventurer. When getting his pilot’s license at a young age wasn’t enough, he organized and executed an adventure that would make Lindbergh and Earhart proud as he became the youngest person ever to fly solo around the world!
Pro Drones/Magnetics: Call them Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Pilotless Aircraft, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, or just plain ‘ol drones, they’re becoming increasingly commonplace and taking on some very important roles in everyday life. Well beyond the realm of toys, there are a number of career paths one can pursue flying them professionally.
Myers/Twin Commander: Bringing back the wonderful Myers aircraft which is as much a marvel of aviation technology today as it was (stunningly) in the 1950s. The Twin Commander is a big and beefy general aviation aircraft that is loved by everyone that gets a chance to fly one.
Diamond/Mountain Flying/A Look Back: How Lifestyle Aviation is working with Diamond Aircraft to make aircraft ownership affordable. Peter learns about the pleasures and dangers of mountain flying. And we look back at the last 5 years of The Aviators.


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