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Air Boss: Season ONE

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Episode Guide

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Memphis Part 1: Best Laid Plans and Grudge Matches: Wayne tries desperately to bring his show in on time while everything that can go wrong does; the Jet Truck prepares for a grudge-match race against a rival pilot; and performer, Julie Clark may be forced to cancel her show.
Memphis Part 2: Dark Skies and Jet Trucks: Performer, Julie Clark’s hopes for a make-up flight in Memphis and performances are jeopardized as bad weather threatens to shut down the last day of the air show.
Sun ‘N Fun Part 1: The Oncoming Storm: What starts out as severe storm, preventing the arrival of the headlining US Navy Blue Angels, quickly turns into a worst-case-scenario as Sun ‘N Fun braces itself for the arrival of a tornado.
Sun ‘N Fun Part 2: Living to See Another Day: In the wake of the worst storm Sun ‘N Fun has ever experienced, Wayne and the air show volunteers must comb through the destruction and pick up the pieces in hopes of saving Sun ‘N Fun from an untimely end.
Pensacola Part 1: A Tragic Season: Wayne and announcer, Rob Reider reflect on a year marked by tragedy as they prepare for the last show of the season, praying that it all comes to a safe conclusion.
Pensacola Part 2: Overcome: Iconic pilot, John Mohr gets ready to take to the sky one last time this season, but with a tragic event still weighing heavily on his mind, the question of his safety quickly becomes too real for Wayne and Rob to ignore.

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