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The Aviators: Season ONE

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Episode Guide

AirVenture: America’s largest aviation celebration.
C5M: A look at the US Air Force Supergalaxy.
Tiger Moth: A challenging wartime trainer biplane.
Jeff Skiles: Kurtis and Sara speak with one of the Miracle on the Hudson heroes.
Flat spin: A pilot’s tells us about his “unrecoverable” mishap.
Chartright: Corporate charters are all about flying in style.
Cross Canada Century Flight: Over 100 aircraft fly coast-to-coast to commemorate 100 years of flight.
Julie Clark: Kurtis interviews the pioneering air show performer.
Affordable helicopters:
A look at small, personal rotary-wing aircraft.
Cessna: Anthony explores the legacy of the Cessna brand.
Float Planes: We take a look a year-round seaplane training on the west coast.
Landing an Airliner: Airline captain, Jeff, shows us how to land a heavy!
Patty Wagstaff: We catch up with the aerobatic champion in Florida.
MiG 15: We learn about this classic Russian fighter.
Sun ‘n Fun Special: We pay a visit to Spring Break for pilots in Lakeland, Florida.
Can a Private Pilot Land an Airliner?: Anthony lives out this fantasy scenario. How does he do?
Delfin L-29: A look at another eastern fighter.
Aircraft Annual Inspection: The practically essentially and legally necessary process of keeping all aircraft safe regardless of vintage.
Airbus A380: Sara gets a tour of this massive new airliner.
Can a Non-pilot Land an Airliner?: In this third segment of our simulator series, a non-pilot attempts the impossible!
Portable Collision Avoidance Systems: We tinker with inexpensive gadgets by Zaon that help private aircraft stay safe.
Women in Aviation: Sara interviews the president of an organization that provides scholarships to young female pilots.
Light Sport Flying: A look at the fastest growing sector in aviation today.
Air Traffic Control Tower: An inside look at one of the most technologically advanced towers in the world.
Walkaround Checks: Kurtis tests his pre-flight inspection skills.
Quesnel Air Show: After having seen some of the larger air shows, we visit a smaller and more quaint one.
Pilot Profile: John tells us about his growing up with an interest in aviation.
Rick Volker: Sara interviews the air show performer during the off-season to talk about spring conditioning.
Homebuilt Industry: How handy aviation enthusiasts use their skills to build their own aircraft.
Cessna 208: A look at the Caravan – the pickup truck of the skies.
Mid-Continent Instruments: Making precision aircraft instruments with lifesaving features.
En Route Control: Most air traffic control does NOT take place in a tower but rather in an area control center like this.
Boundary Bay Air Show: A popular local show at the season one home of The Aviators.
Beech Staggerwing: An aircraft profile on the one time ultimate executive aircraft.
AOPA: A look at the important role of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.
Aircraft Auctions: Getting a bargain while purchasing aircraft in a unique and fast-paced way.
Ultralight Flying: Arguably one of the most visceral flying experiences there is.
Aviation Destination – Wichita, Kansas: We visit the Air Capital of the World.
Mikey McBryan: Anthony chats with the star of TV’s ‘Ice Pilots’.
Goodyear Blimp: Kurtis takes a memorable flight aboard one of Goodyear’s famed slow-moving giants.
Midnight Sun Challenge: A group of pilots fly into the Yukon.
Day in the Life of an Airline Pilot: Raeleen shows us what a typical day is like for her as an airline first officer.
Airline Environmentalism: Green efforts airlines are taking to improve efficiency.
Airliner Maintenance: Routine maintenance airlines perform to keep their fleets running safely.
Cross Border Flying: Anthony flies the 206 from Canada to the United States and checks in with Customs.
Robert Gannon: Robert speaks to Anthony about his remarkable story of flying a Cessna around the world.
Splash In: Sara visits a fly-in dedicated to seaplanes.

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