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The Aviators: Season TWO

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Episode Guide

Aviation 101: An explanation of some of the very basics of aviation.
Host Profiles: A closer look at some of the hosts of The Aviators including Sara, Kurtis, Anthony, and new host, country music singer George Canyon.
ATC Gibberish: Breaking down and simplifying all that complex sounding radio chatter.
Water Egress: Sara learns how to escape from a submerged aircraft.
Condor Squadron: Taking to the air with a team of formation pilots flying WW2 era planes.
Can a Kid Land an Airliner?: A follow up to some of the popular sim segments from season one, but this time with a 12 year old at the controls!
Flight Services: Kurtis shows us the many important functions of this often overlooked aspect of Air Traffic Control services.
$100 Hamburger: A pilot expression for an aviation food-run. Anthony and Raeleen dig in at Greenville, South Carolina
Private Pilot Emergency: Anthony closes the season 2 sim segments by having everything but the kitchen sink thrown at him. Can he do it?
MCAS Miramar (formerly Top Gun): Spending the day with US Marine fighter pilots at their legendary base.
Day in the Life of an Air Show (Part 1 of 2): We take you behind the scenes for an exclusive look at the inner workings of one of America’s biggest air shows.
Day in the Life of an Air Show (Part 2 of 2): The exciting conclusion to the two-part special including an up-close look at the U.S. Navy Blue Angels.
AN-2: Going flying in one of the biggest biplanes around, the Russian Anotonov AN-2.
iPad: Anthony, our resident gadget guy, explores the usefulness of the Apple iPad in the cockpit.
B-25: We take a look at the B-25 Mitchell bomber and its current caretaker, the Commemorative Air Force.
Triple Tree Aerodrome: We visit one of the most incredible grass strips in the country.
Fat Albert: The US Navy Blue Angels take us for an incredible flight aboard their C-130.
Yak 52W: Sara meets Peyton McCool who takes her for a thrilling flight.
Dream Flight of a Lifetime: A group of pilots participate in a seminar leading to one of them winning a flight in a T-33.
Remote Control Aircraft: Sara tries her hand at a completely different kind of aviation at the Joe Nall event in Woodruff, South Carolina.
Aeroshell Aerobatic Team: Raeleen spends the day with the superstars of the air show circuit.
Varied Levels of Aircraft Ownership: Kurtis walks us through the varied level of aircraft ownership from the basic to the luxurious.
Airpark Living: We visit a unique kind of gated community where your driveway is your runway.
Singles vs. Twins: Sara answers the question “Are two engines really better than one?”
Aircraft Engines: Kurtis learns about aircraft engines with Bill Middlebrook of Penn Yan Aero.
Female Friendly Airport: Raeleen visits the most female friendly airport in the world.
Personalizing a Used Aircraft: Anthony tells us about buying a used aircraft and making it your own.
AOPA Summit: We visit the annual event of the AOPA – Aviation Summit
LAPD: Kurtis takes us on through an exclusive visit with the aerial support unit of the LAPD.
Pete McLeod: Jeff speaks with Red Bull Air Racer Pete McLeod.
Cessna 195: A profile of one of the first corporate aircraft from yesteryear.
World’s Busiest Tower: We visit the pink-shirted pros from the FAA at the busiest control tower in the world.
Aviation Camping: Kurtis enjoys the great outdoors.

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