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Jet Truck: Season ONE

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Trial by Fire: The Darnell’s 9-month show tour begins in Cayuga as Driver, Chris prepares rookie, Wayner for his first show as Shockwave’s solo-Crew Chief, a role that could literally be the difference between life or death for Chris.
You Play With Fire, You Might Get Burned: Tensions mount in Cayuga as a frightening crash occurs on the drag strip moments before Chris is set to perform his incredibly dangerous first night race of the season alongside his still untested Crew Chief, Wayner.
You Call That an Explosion?: Chris and Wayner forgo family time between performances to join local racer and wild man, Billy for an afternoon of shooting guns and blowing stuff up, while Brooke’s mounting frustration doesn’t fare well for their return.
Hot Rods and Speed Boats: The King Of The North drag race kicks off with Billy scrambling to prepare his hotrod for its race against Chris and the Jet Truck, in a challenge that will see the loser facing public humiliation.
Gentlemen Start Your Engines: As Chris and Billy psych up for the big challenge race, Billy’s mechanical issues force a hilarious change in plans. And losing the challenge gives the term “Drag Strip” a whole new meaning.
Home Sweet Jet Truck: The Darnell’s celebrate their return home by blowing off some pent-up explosive redneck frustration while Brooke tries to keep something very special under wraps.

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