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The Aviators: Season SIX

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Episode Guide

A Pilot Without Arms: We meet Jessica Cox, the world’s first armless licensed pilot who has spent her whole life proving that her disability hasn’t limited her.
Aircraft Profile – Pitts Special: A profile of the first aircraft designed specifically for aerobatics – the Pitts Special.
L-39 and Upset Recovery: Does it sometimes feel like your airplane has a mind of its own? Well fasten your seatbelts as we go flying in the most prolific fighter jet trainer of the Soviet era in an introduction to unusual attitude and upset recovery training.
Flying Again: We catch up with the Rusty Pilots Initiative as they attempt to re-ignite every pilot’s fire by helping former flyers in their return to the sky.
Aircraft Profile – Aviat Husky: Meet the proud owner of the dynamic Aviat Husky utility aircraft.
Space Flight: A look at the history of NASA and the space program through the decades spanning from WWII through to the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Space Shuttle programs.
Anatomy of a Journey / Ground Control: Learn about the complexities of life as a ground controller and listen in on some dialogue between air traffic control and Kurtis as he navigates through both the departure and arrival procedures within an airport. Complicated? Let’s find out!
WWI Aviation: Soon after the invention of the aircraft, military uses for the new flying machine came into being. Then with the dawn of the Great War, legends like the Red Baron were made, and a whole new mode of warfare was born.
Aircraft Profile – Eclipse 550: Introduction to the latest in very light jets (VLJs). It’s like flying your own personal rocket… with custom leather upholstery!
Should You Turn Back to the Airport?: In the event of engine failure, your instinct may be to turn back for the runway – a commonly fatal move.
It’s the Franken-Glider! / Tuskegee Airmen: The TG-7A motorgliders are basically a combination of wings from the SGS 1-36, the tail of the SGS 2-32, and a Lycoming O-235-L2C engine on the nose. See it all come together as we meet the Team Tuskegee pilots and explain the history of the Tuskegee Airmen and their trials experienced during WWII.
Skytyping: What is skytyping? See it accomplished with five aircraft flying in impressive formation, emitting biodegradable vapor puffs in a dot matrix pattern to create the world’s largest billboard… in the sky.
Personal Jet: The Sonex Jet started as a pet project of founder John Monett who’s always wanted a personal jet, and what developed was a tiny plane with a big impact!
The Beloved Cub: By popular demand we’ve tracked down the family of aircraft closest to the hearts of most aviators – the timeless Piper Cub.

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